How Knitting Wool Manufacturer Reg Knotts Used UK Short-Term Insurance Cover to Avoid Ruin While On a Business Trip

A big fan of cheap car insurance sites, knitting wool manufacturer Reg Knots lives in Bolton. He travels regularly across Europe to hawk his line of knitting wool products. He also travels round the world to develop new business contacts.

His Missus always reminds him to plan for contingencies. As a result, Reg always purchases short term car insurance from here cover from his local underwriter in Bolton before he travels abroad. This cover usually includes property damage cover, theft cover and fire cover. It also includes provisions that can help travellers hire a rental car in an emergency.

It was a good thing Reg Knotts purchased this cover because one day it came in real handy.

You see, one August day Reg Knotts was at a textile manufacturing convention in Munich trying to drum up new business contacts. While he was hawking his wares on the convention floor, Reg received word that his saloon had been nicked. Reg had just purchased the vehicle to replace a worn-out sedan that he used for many years.

As a result, Reg was hopping mad.

He later ran out of the convention centre to see if he could catch up with his auto. He ran for several blocks before finally giving up in a huff.

Once he realised he couldn't rescue his saloon, Reg decided to ring his Bolton insurance underwriter straight away. The agent who spoke with Reg explained that he would need a formal incident report in order to use Reg’s short-term car cover.

Once Reg finished speaking with his local underwriter, Reg and a fellow knitting wool manufacturer rang the Munich police to file a stolen vehicle report. Once the police arrived, Reg's friend helped to translate Reg's statements into German so that a report could be produced quickly.

Once Reg got a copy of the report, he was able to work with his Bolton underwriter to find a way to resolve his problems. Since Reg's policy included theft coverage, the Bolton underwriter used Reg's policy to hire a rental car that Reg used to return home after the textile manufacturing convention ended.

This came in handy for Reg because it helped avoid serious financial ruin.

You see, thanks to the provisions in his policy, Reg was able to get back to Bolton in time to close five deals with overseas textile and clothing producers for his products. The deals enabled Reg to expand his business. They also helped Reg establish overseas business contacts.

Finally, the provisions in Reg's policy also allowed Reg to make a full claim on the saloon. As a result, he was able to purchase a new saloon and avoid serious financial problems that could have ruined him.

Nowadays, Reg Knotts continues to travel round the world hawking his knitting wool products. He also continues to buy temporary cover from this site cover because he knows it can be a very valuable asset.

As for Reg's Missus, she continues to lead a quiet life with her Reg. Maybe next time she can tag along with Reg to see what the world has to offer? 

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